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I’ve been talking publicly about mental health and specifically my own mental health for a while now.

But I went all out in July 2015, with this talk, where I shared for the first time openly and publicly that I had gone through a divorce … and suffered with depression several years earlier.

The response was overwhelming and positive … but the impact I’ve heard from hundreds of private messages and conversations has been both inspiring, uplifting and life changing for me. And since that time, with every message I get saying ‘Thanks for sharing your story … it helped me do X or Y or Z or a combo of all those,” I’ve felt a building compelling need, a mixture of passion and purpose, to continue to talk about mental health.

And so as I’ve contemplated the second half of my life … a new goal became very evident …

To make a meaningful, positive difference and impact in people’s lives related to their mental health.

After much consideration, I felt the best way to take the next step toward this goal was to create a place and space to talk about all the things — the regular, consistent activities, practices, habits, routines — we can do to get and maintain good mental health, or … mental fitness.

As a primer and background for all of this, I’ve reposted several of my articles on mental health that were more popular here, including Everybody Hurts, Including Me, And It’s OK To Ask For Help and The Iceberg of Life.

But you should know … I’m not a licensed professional or mental health expert by any means and am not pretending to be.

I’m just a fellow human being walking this earth who knows the importance of mental health for my own happiness and success, with a great interest and desire to share what I’m learning with others.

And I think the best way to make a difference and impact is to simply start where I am, where I have been and where I’m going. To do what I’ve always done … to attack it, by diving in, head first, and learning, growing, acting and applying, then sharing openly, vulnerably and practically what I’m learning.

I’ve already begun posting some of the articles, books, videos I’m seeing in the Quick Hits section. And soon will be publishing some posts around key topics I think are relevant in the conversation.

I have many great hopes and dreams for what this space could become … but for right now I just hope you’re interested and want to grow with me.

As I read and hear personally of other’s experiences, I know I’m not alone.

With that, I hope you’ll sign up for the Mental.Fitness community email so you don’t miss things and eventually become a part of the conversation with me and others by sharing your comments, experiences and other helpful things that promote the goal of mental health and fitness.

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